How is Man Tan different to other/regular tan?

Man Tan has been developed to work with body hair, have a masculine scent and appear as natural as possible. Regular female tan will have a distinct coconut or chemical scent & is not formulated to work with body hair. Man Tan is also fast drying and quick to apply so that our customers can spend less time applying their tan.  

How long does it last?

Man Tan usually lasts around 5-7 days, however will vary depending on skin type. We have developed Man Tan to be long lasting.

Does Man Tan transfer onto clothing?

We recommend wearing loose clothing until the tan is rinsed or dried as it may transfer onto clothing, this is why we recommend rinsing off your tan after 1 hour of initial application. 

How dark is Man Tan?

Man Tan can be used as a light to dark self tanner. For a light tan, we recommend rinsing after 1hour of application, for a medium tan rinse after 2 hours. For a darker result, leave on over night and rinse first thing in the morning in warm water for 2 minutes.