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Man Tan™ Mitt
Man Tan™ Mitt

Man Tan

Man Tan™ Mitt


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The Man Mitt - Larger in size compared to regular tanning applicators. It features double sided design made from high quality materials to ensure a streak free application of Man Tan. The Man Mitt also features water resistant sealing from the inside to prevent staining of the hands. 

- Double sided

- Larger in size

- Soft, high quality material 

- Water resistant sealing on inner lining 


How long does shipping take?

All US & Canadian orders are sent from our CA, New Jersey or Texas fulfilment centres. Delivery can take 1-3 days 

All Australian orders are sent from our Melbourne fulfilment centre.

Delivery can take 2-5 days with regular Australian Post shipping. 
Australia Post Express 1-2 delivery is also available.

UK orders will be dispatched same business day & can take between 3-7 days to deliver.

Does Man Tan work with body hair?

Yes absolutely it does! We formulated Man Tan to work with body and facial hair perfectly without going blotchy or streaky.

How does Man Tan work?

Our formula works by darkening the outer layer of the skin which is made up from Amino Acids - The active ingredients naturally darken the cells to offer a natural looking tan, without the fuss and risk of UV suntanning.

Will my skin look orange?

Absolutely not!
Man Tan works on a cellular level to darken the amino acids in your skin. This process mimics your natural sun tan colour and offers the most easiest, natural sun tan colour without the 'orange' tint of traditional fake tanning products.

How often do I need to apply it?

Man Tan only needs to be applied every 5-7 days to maintain a natural looking tan.

Is Man Tan Safe to use?

Absolutely! We include naturally derived ingredients to nourish and hydrate your skin.  Our formula is also FDA approved!