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Does Man Tan work with body hair?
Yes absolutely it does! We formulated Man Tan to work with body and facial hair perfectly without going blotchy or streaky.

Does Man Tan smell/have a scent/smell like fake tan?
Our formula is scented with a fresh cologne base, which means it smells awesome and like any other tanning product on the market

How long does it last/how long will my tan last/How often do i need to apply?
Depending on your skin type, Man Tan will only need to be applied once per week - Just re-apply as required to top up and maintain a tan all year round.
You can also re-apply at anytime if you require a darker tan.

How dark is Man Tan?
Our formula was developed to give a natural looking tan. You can control how dark your tan is by how much formula you apply in initial application or re apply as required.

Where is Man Tan made?
Man Tan is proudly made in Melbourne, Australia and is shipped worldwide. We have fulfilment locations set up in Melbourne, Los Angeles, Texas & New Jersey.

How does Man Tan work?
Our formula works by darkening the outer layer of the skin which is made up from Amino Acids - The active ingredients naturally darken the cells to offer a natural looking tan, without the fuss and risk of UV suntanning.

You can read more about how the formula works here:

Can I wear clothes after applying?
Yes! AminoTan is a clear formula that does not contain any stains or dyes. After applying, you can continue your day as normal and put on any clothing with no issues at all

Will my skin look orange?
Absolutely not! As mentioned above, Man Tan works on a cellular level to darken the amino acids in your skin. This process mimics your natural sun tan colour and offers the most easiest, natural sun tan colour without the 'orange' tint of traditional fake tanning products.

How long does shipping take?

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