3 Hacks To Staying In Shape This Holiday Season!

Written By Jarrod Brown

Ok I get it; I’ve been there many times just like you are right now.. work is done for the year and you are ready to relax, unwind and start enjoying this festive season. However, in the back of your mind you know that most years it just leads into coming back into reality in January where you are carrying what looks to be the start of yet another spare tyre (sh*t).

Christmas day is almost here and you know that you’re going to knock back some beers, eat way too many roast spuds at lunch and then cap it off with some of Mum’s Christmas Pudding (I don’t blame you - its delicious).

Then New Year’s Eve hits and we’re back at it again, alcohol, calories and probably skipping too many workouts..

Mix these 2 main events in with a few house parties, some extended family gatherings and few eat outs at your favourite local and its a recipe for disaster.

But don’t worry, its not all bad news! You can stop stressing about starting 2019 5kgs than 2018. Great times and fun is about to be had and I strongly urge you to have it.

So below are 3 Key Hacks that you can follow to ensure you don’t blow out over this festive time (whilst still having a great time)

  1. Move it - The saying “Move it or lose it”.. No word of a lie. Make a non negotiable with yourself right now on how much you will get active over the next month. It can be as simple as choosing to walk down to the shops rather than driving. Just get more active.

    It might 3 times per week.
    It might be 5 times.
    It might be twice..
    Whatever it is, don’t let it be 0.

    Simply getting active will help mitigate any kind of caloric damage you’ve inflicted, so its a great start before even cutting down on the food.

    Note: Bonus points for incorporating strength training workouts as resistance training is super effective in building muscle and burning fat.

  1. Approach the afternoon of smashing beers like a Boss
    What does this mean?
    It means think ahead a little and play it smart. If you know you’re in for a big afternoon of getting on the coldies, opt to fast in the morning (Skip breakfast and no food for up to 6 hours).

    Plan: Your first meal will be something light (mainly Protein & Fats) 6 hours after waking. Until then, water, teas and coffee is fine.

  1. Double the water
    Water will be your buddy when it comes to fixing the hangover but also when it comes to not feeling the need to stuff your face with all of the Christmas treats (that seem to continue to be eaten wellll past Christmas day).

    Task: First thing upon waking; 2 large glasses of water downed within the first 30 minutes. Then make sure you keep sipping throughout the day. 3-4L for the day is optimal.

    Reduce the severity of a hangover and decrease how hungry you’re feeling. Win Win.

These 3 Hacks are now your festive mainstays over the next month. Stick by them closely and your start to 2019 will be a slim one.

If there are any more fitness & body related topics you’d like covered, we’d love to hear them so please let us know what type of content you’d like to see!

Have a Merry Christmas,

Jarrod Brown