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MAN TAN 2021


MAN TAN vs MAN TAN | Watch out for fakes - What is the best tan for men?

So you are on the market for a male sunless tanning product and you’ve come across multiple brands advertising ‘Man Tan’ or ‘AminoTan’, now you’re left feeling confused as to which website to purchase your Man Tan from.
As the only Man Tan company that owns a Trademark for its revolutionary men's tanning formula AminoTan, we have put together a quick guide to assist you in purchasing the genuine Man Tan AminoTan Mousse.

In 2016 we launched Man Tan with the key focus to create a male self tanning product so that us men can and feel our best, without the risks associated with sun and sunbed UV tanning. 4 incredible years on, we now have thousands of happy customers worldwide who love and use our AminoTan formula.


WEBSITE. The only site to retail Man Tan AminoTan Complex is

We DO NOT retail or authorise the sale of AminoTan on the following sites:

AMINOTAN FORMULA: is the only verified site to sell Man Tan AminoTan Complex. The AminoTan Complex is a clear tanning mousse, our formula does not contain ANY colours, bronzers or dye's. If a product is not listed with AminoTan™ and contains bronzers/dyes - They are not from

The Man Tan brand uses a distinct Black & Gold branding for it's website and logos.

We do not use Blue, Green or any other colour aside from Black & Gold on our branding.

Man Tan Helps Men Look and Feel Their Best – Without the Risks Associated with UV Tanning

Most of the time, people associate tanning as a practice done by women and not by men. While young women have been identified as a group that is particularly susceptible to risky tanning behaviours, studies have also focused specifically on tanning behaviours among men.

A new study published in the Journal of Community Health sought to close that gap in knowledge by examining tanning behaviours among men.In fact, the incidence of melanoma is increasing at an alarming rate among adolescents and young adults. In a 2015 analysis of the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) data, researchers noted a 253% increase in the incidence of melanoma among young and adolescent men. An association between the use of indoor tanning devices and increased risk of melanoma has been well established and may help to explain this rising incidence of melanoma.
Other significant risk factors identified were outdoor tanning and melanin injections.
To address these concerns, sunless tanning products have been developed over the past decade. Unfortunately, these have largely been directed to young women only.

With the absence of any sunless tanning products in the male market, the founders of Man Tan always understood from the start that creating this business would also create the standards for the future of male sunless tanning – and Man Tan is committed in doing so by providing men with safe tanning alternatives that truly suits their lifestyles.

The revolutionary Man Tan AminoTan complex was developed for over three years and offers natural results like no other product on the market. AminoTan Complex is a clear mousse that darkens cells naturally to mimic the effects of a natural sun tan. Unlike typical fake tans, AminoTan has no colours or dyes. It’s sweat and water resistant, hydrating, has a fresh cologne scent, and works with body and facial hair.

By just applying it once a week, one can enjoy a tan weeklong.In just three years, Man Tan has grown exponentially through its Australian-based online store – and now, it’s announcing the launch of its USA fulfilment to supply thousands of customers with faster delivery.

The USA market accounts for 75% of its customers and is continuously growing at a rapid rate month after month. Man Tan is excited to announce that in August, it will also begin fulfillment from three other locations: Texas, Los Angeles, and New Jersey.

More information about Man Tan’s products can be found at

About Man TanMan Tan is a tanning company that offers men a safe tanning option for a natural tan without having to expose their skin to harmful UV rays, which increases one’s risk of skin cancer and melanoma.

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