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Four Major Advantages Of Using Self-Tanning Products And Important Reminders

Four Major Advantages Of Using Self-Tanning Products And Important Reminders
There are a host of benefits/advantages to self-tanning. Many people choose to do this as opposed to staying under the sun for that natural summer glow. Such a process of tanning has been a go-to means to achieve a gorgeous tan without even being under the direct heat of the sun.
In this article, we dissect some of the benefits of going through this tanning process. While we are at it, it is also a good idea to present different reminders to make this process safer. With all these considerations given, tanning may never be the same again.
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General Benefits 
This section discusses the benefits you get from tanning without being under the sun. This process is oftentimes referred to as fake tanning. While many choose to get it the natural way, staying under the sun for a certain period of time, some desire to get it differently.
What are some of the benefits of this alternative tanning technique? Here are just some of them:
Protection from sun damage 
As it gets scorching hot, the UV level absorption becomes increasingly risky. At the end of the day, this tanning technique may not be worth it. Also, if you choose to sunbathe, constant and regular application of sunblock is required. 
Unfortunately, many people skip this step. They are under the impression that one sunblock application is enough to give them protection from the sun. Needless to say, people think that multiple reapplications of sunblock are such a hassle.
This is perhaps one of the most common benefits you get out of this alternative tanning process. While sunbathing gives that summer glow, it can be potentially dangerous for the skin. The same is true for staying under the tanning beds loaded with harmful UV rays as well.
Prolonged UV exposure related diseases
This danger level gets even heightened if one decides to stay under the sun after 8 or 9 in the morning. There is a greater risk of getting skin-related diseases after prolonged exposure to the sun such as the following:

  • Mild to severe sunburn that can be painful and uncomfortable for a couple of days
  • Melanoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Basal cell carcinoma
Still be protected
An important reminder, though. While self-tanners make you achieve such a great tan without staying under the sun, it is still advisable to reapply sunblock. Here, the benefit of not subjecting yourself to direct sunlight is highlighted. 
However, if you need to stay under the sun while wearing a fake tan, sunblock reapplication is warranted. Reapplying sunblock/SPF every two or three hours is a good idea. At least, it is still so much better than getting roasted under the excruciating heat of the sun.
Convenient and accessible to use 
The best self-tanner in Australia is considered as such primarily because of the all-important convenience factor. Imagine, you don’t even need to be under the sun to get that all-natural and attractive glow. Hey, you don’t even need sun to achieve this, period. Therefore, getting that enviable tan is possible to be achieved all year long. 
With convenience comes accessibility. You can bring self-tanners practically anywhere you need to go. It can be applied in the privacy of your own home (especially for men who feel awkward visiting tanning salons). These tanning products can even be applied before a major event in some of the best function venues in Melbourne.
With self-tanners, you don’t need to worry about cloudy or rainy days (as weather can still be unpredictable even at the height of summer). A visit to a tanning salon is also no longer necessary anymore. You just need a few minutes to apply and everything is all set.
Less maintenance 
Correlated to both convenience and accessibility, such a tanning product requires less maintenance. More often than not, one visit to a tanning salon is not enough. Multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired tan. 
Therefore, people have to make time for it. With a hectic lifestyle, who has time to visit the tanning salon multiple times in a month, right? With self-tanners, you dictate your achieved tan depending on the number of times you wish to reapply.
Want to have that darker tan, apply multiple layers. Now, feeling that slight tinge of a sun-kissed glow instead? Just apply one or two layers. It’s as simple as that. This is a good example of achieving pleasing results even when low maintenance is practiced.
Significant savings 
Savings always gets your attention, doesn’t it? Since many people don’t want to be bothered by cloudy and rainy days, they opt to get their tan by visiting tanning salons. Unfortunately, a visit to a tanning salon is costly! 
Depending on the promo or chosen tanning service, the cost can be between 60 to even 200 dollars. Self-tanners on the other hand on average costs about 45 dollars and can last for many months. Clearly, this is a savings beyond comparison!
Reminders for a safer self-tan experience 
Now, it is always a good idea to know some points and reminders for an even safer self-tan experience. This is needed to still protect you from the sun and other factors that may put you to risk.
Here are some important reminders while wearing a fake tan:
Still wear sunblock 
This has already been mentioned but still needs to be said time and again. While many self-tanners claim they already have some UV protection included, it is a good idea to still apply a layer of sun block a number of times within the day. This is especially the case when you need to stay under the sun for a certain period.
Don’t inhale or get it in the eyes (especially when using spray tans) 
Some self-tanners come in a spray. Just be careful not to spray the product near the eyes. Also, it is a good idea to wear a face mask while spraying to avoid too much inhalation. After all, it is still made of chemicals that may be potentially risky when inhaled.
Fortunately, there are products that come in a mousse form. This is relatively safer to apply at it is easy to control. You can effectively avoid the eyes as it is directly applied to the skin. However, make sure to immediately wash your hands (even with mitts on). 
You may accidentally rub the eyes still with some product residue. The same is true that ingestion may happen when eating immediately after application. Come on, how hard is it to wash the hands after application?
A skin patch test is still a good idea 
Regardless of the product’s claim to be safe, our skin may still have some form of reaction to it. It is still a good idea to have some skin patch tests. This test is simple to do and practically takes no time to administer.
You just need to apply a small amount of product to a part of the skin. An ideal application spot is usually on the forearm. Leave it on for a few minutes to an hour then check back to see if there’s some form of reaction.
If you notice redness or any skin irregularities, then you may be allergic to the product. Therefore, it is not safe to use. For the most part, many people don’t have any reaction and respond to the self-tanning
product well. However, it is still best to be safe than sorry.


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