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Spring Racing Carnival - Application Guide!

Nothing quite tops off your Spring Racing look more so than a well groomed hair style & natural looking tan. Not only will it give you a confidence booster, but will make any well tailored outfit pop. 

The 2017 Spring Racing Carnival is where Man Tan will be making its debut for its 1st year at the races & we are proud to now offer the first men's self tanner for male race go-ers. We have put together a quick and easy 3 step application guide to get you looking your best this season.


Step 1:

Ensure skin is clean and washed prior to application. If you have dry patches of skin (elbows, knuckles etc) we recommend lightly moisturising before hand for best results.

Press 1-2 pumps of Man Tan onto your Man Mitt Applicator, then apply to skin by using long sweeping strokes. Tip: Start with less, you can always add more tan afterwards. 


Step 2:

The colour/tone of your tan will depend on how long it is left on your skin before rinsing. 

For light-medium tan wait 1 hour before rinsing, for a darker result wait 2+ hours before rinsing. 


Step 3:

Rinse off your tan in a quick 2-4 minute shower, then lightly pat dry skin. Once your 1st rinse is complete, your tan will last up to 2-5 days without washing off. These results can vary depending on skin type and application method used. 


Our Starter Pack includes the Man Tan 200ml Mousse and Man Mitt mentioned in this article and is available here at just $39.95 with FREE SHIPPING included.