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Humble Beginnings

What is Man Tan?

Countless times we have been asked the question; What is Man Tan? To us, Man Tan has always been more than just a great idea or unique product, but more of a representation of the growing normality and acceptance for men of this generation to take pride in their appearance. We always understood from the start that creating this product, this company was about creating a standard for the future in male self care/cosmetic product range as well as providing men with a safe alternative to traditional sun tanning. We are proud to offer men a safe option for a natural tan without having to expose their skin to harmful UV rays thus increasing risk of skin cancers and Melanoma.

How it all started?

In 2016, we found ourselves asking the question “ Why isn’t there a safe tanning product available for men?” to us this was crazy as we knew the demand for a male tan was huge. After developing our brand we soon had the confidence that the male market would respond extremely well to our niche product.

The manufacturing process:

After several meetings with some of the best Australian tan and cosmetic manufacturers, we partnered with our chosen team of chemists to begin the formulation of our very first run of Man Tan samples. After weeks of testing and sampling, we were able to refine our product until we had developed the perfect final Man Tan formula: masculine scented, fast drying, works great with body hair and is long lasting..we knew that we had formulated the best possible sunless tanner available for men.

The Future:

Creating and developing a unique self tanner formulated for men is only the beginning of what’s to come for Man Tan. Our mission is to continue to develop new and innovative self care/cosmetic products to the male specific market and to be at the forefront of this new male tanning industry.

From everyone at Man Tan, we thank you for reading and following us on this amazing journey.