Why We Will Never Release A Tanning Oil Range!

Sun tanning has been a favorite fashion trend. Sun tanning oils and sunless tan products are widely-used to enhance the look of your skin. Everyone loves the look of well-tanned and healthy looking skin and sunless tanning is a fantastic way to get that sun-kissed look.

There has been a huge increase in emerging tanning oil brands, and although more tanning oils are starting to use SPF protection, most still do not provide enough of a barrier against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. 

There is growing concern about the link between sun tanning oil use and the rising incidence of skin cancer in Australia. In fact, few tanning oils provide more than an SPF 6 level of protection. Ultraviolet radiation can damage skin cells, which can mutate the cell's structure. These mutations can create a cancerous cell, which can lead to skin cancer.  
"The estimated cases of melanoma skin cancer among men are about 8,392"

In 2017, the estimated cases of melanoma skin cancer among men are about 8,392 while the estimated number of death is about 1,280. Many of the most popular tanning brands today promote using their UV enhancing oils to get a tan whilst ‘protecting’ the consumers skin from UV rays, this is false.
Despite these alarming hardcore facts, sun tanning with oil is on the rise among men. The quest for a healthy glow and a bronzed body has become a national past time. That is why at Man Tan, we took matters into our own hands and are proud to have created a sun-less tanning formula that offers you the best of all viable benefits. With a blend of our safe selected ingredients; Kakadu Plum, Vitamin E & Aloe V,  each ingredient serves its unique purpose in protecting, nourishing and moisturizing the skin, while promoting a rich, deep natural tan. You can now get the perfect, natural tan without increasing risk of skin cancer.

We promise, you are going to feel amazing when you know you got your tan by using a safe tanning formula that treats you and your skin the way you deserve. 

Man Tan is a masculine scented self tanning range made right here in Australia. It is formulated to work with body and face, smell fantastic, have a natural appearance and work with body hair. Shop our entire range on our homepage www.mantan.store.

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